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Our Story

The idea for Muddy Boots Farm came when founders, Tom and Lindsey Yocum, began to plan for their nine year old son’s future. They knew their autistic son, Porter, would need support for the rest of his life. He would need a comfortable home where he could be cared for. He would need access to activities he enjoyed. He would need meaningful work.

Always the advocates for inclusion, Tom and Lindsey began to dream up an ideal job where Porter could work alongside disabled and nondisabled peers. What kind of job would Porter enjoy? What would he get excited about every day? Aside from puzzles, Porter loves being outside, engaging in heavy work, and getting his boots all muddy! And so, Muddy Boots Farm was born.

Although Muddy Boots Farm will sell produce to community members, the real service we are providing is inclusive employment. We will provide opportunities for our staff to work, learn, and grow together. We will provide opportunities for our community to interact with our staff through our education, volunteer, and farm sales programs.


We are looking forward to bringing Muddy Boots Farm to our community!

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